Sandy Boucher  is the author of nine books exploring women's experience and spiritual practice.
She leads several annual meditation retreats and offers workshops and an online course (New!).

Writing Consultant

Sandy coaches writers, both individually and in writing workshops, as well as combined meditation and writing retreats.
She Appears!


She Appears! Encounters with Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion.


Sandy’s new book offers a direct touch with the healing, heart-opening power of the Goddess of Compassion. It is a unique blending of story and image, showing how Kwan Yin reveals herself in the lives of contemporary women. It will soften your heart, wake you up, inspire you to be your most expansive, most fiercely compassionate self.


Introduced with Sandy’s own writing, the book gathers from 52 contributors to offer written encounters and original paintings, drawings, sculptures of the “bodhisattva of compassion.”

New! Online Class


Kwan Yin Revealed:
Exploring and Becoming the Goddess of Compassion
A thirty-day online course with Sandy

I am really excited about this online course that I have created with Kimberly Moore at the Mystery School of the Goddess. It's an opportunity to explore the Bodhisattva of Compassion Kwan Yin, especially as we can experience her in our lives--through study, music, art, chanting, keeping a journal, and much more.     



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