Is there a book in you, an article, a story that you’ve wanted to write forever but haven’t known how to begin?


Let Sandy Boucher get you started and guide you through the rocky shoals of writing and rewriting.


She has worked independently with individuals since 1980, providing the guidance and support that allows first-time authors to complete their projects. Her work is confidential, sensitive, deeply insightful.


She has published nine books of her own; and has worked extensively as an editor, both independently and with various publications, and as a writing consultant.




Writing consultation with Sandy can take several forms. Some people consult her on a one-time basis, others work with her over weeks, months, even years. She is flexible, willing to engage with you in whatever way you think will help you most.


Perhaps you have been working on a manuscript for a while but feel stuck. Or, you may want to expand your writing skills and explore your possibilities as a writer. Or, you may have a finished manuscript but need advice on rewriting and want to look into the possibilities of connecting with agents or publishers.


Sandy’s work as editor, teacher and writing consultant for thirty years, both face-to-face and long distance by mail, phone and email, has taught her how to help you break down that overwhelming and intimidating process into do-able steps. She gives you a way to begin, then encourages and guides you as you do the writing you have always wanted to do.




Sandy wrote an article for Writer’s Digest on eliminating fears in the writing process.  Read “Are You Holding You Back?




Taking the Leap: Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears, Pema Chodron


Catherine Called Birdy, Karen Cushman (prize-winning young adult novel)


Catching Sense: African American Communities on a South Carolina Sea Insland, Patricia Guthrie


Body, Spirit and Democracy, Don Hanlon Johnson


Desert Priestess: A Memoir, Anne Key


Imagining Fame: An Introduction to Geoffrey Chaucer’s The House of Fame, Anne Worthington Prescott


Snatched From the Fire: Breast Cancer, Addiction, and Religious Oppression on the Path to Spiritual Freedom, Jayna Gieber


Riding Fury Home: A Memoir, Chana Wilson


Travels with Annie: A Journey of Healing and Adventure, Ann L. Getzoff


Shaking Shame from Mental Illness, Evonne Agnello

A Letter to a Prospective Client


The following is a more specific description of Sandy’s process, taken from her response to a prospective client who is writing a book.





Here’s how I work with people.


We begin with a general phone or face-to-face conversation about your plan for the book and how best I can help you. You might have already sent me materials to read via email or surface mail, so that I could get a sense of your intentions and what is needed in terms of my guidance. In this hour-long consultation we map out a plan for work on the book, making an “assignment” for you to produce before our next session. That could be an outline, a first chapter, more exploration on the theme—whatever task will move you forward in your creative endeavor. We make a date for the next consultation, giving you enough time to produce the material and send to me.


In the next session we go over what you’ve done, make plans for rewriting, if necessary, and give you an assignment for producing the next segment of pages. Then, if our process goes well, we continue in this manner until you have a finished book.


I’m essentially working as a coach, standing at your side to encourage you to keep going in this big task you’ve undertaken, helping you call upon your writing skills and develop as a writer.


Everyone is different, of course. Some people benefit from regular consultations. Some people want to go off and produce a whole draft before they bring it back to me. Some people work on chunks of material as we go along.


When we talk on the phone we will discuss fees and come to an agreement that is comfortable for both of us.


I bring more than thirty years of editing, consultation and writing experience to my work with clients. I have guided many people in writing and publishing their books [See list, on the left, of some of the books I have worked on.]—and we have generally had a rich and rewarding time doing it.