Book Launches & Readings


  • Sandy celebrated with contributors and friends at the book launch, for She Appears!, February 1, 2015, in Oakland, California, U.S.A. 


  • For Hidden Spring, a seven-city tour of East Coast and West Coast cities, in bookstores, autumn 2000.


  • Also for Hidden Spring, a tour of five cities in Northern Germany, in bookstores and women’s centers, winter 2001.


  • Readings at Cody’s Bookstore in Berkeley, Modern Times in San Francisco, Black Oak in Berkeley, Diesel Books in Oakland, the Full Moon Coffeehouse in San Francisco, Mama Bear’s Bookstore in Oakland

Retreats & Workshops


  • ​“Opening to Our Most Authentic Selves,” one-day meditation retreat in Ridgecrest, CA, September 26, 2015

Talks & Meditations


  • Dharma Talks at Spirit Rock Meditation Center: Listen to "Flying Your Kite in Dangerous Skies" (September 9, 2014), "The Impulse to Create" (April 21, 2014), and "Five Obstacles to Creative Expression" (June 16, 2011) at Dharma Seed.


  • "Women in Global Buddhism," Presentation at East Bay Meditation Center, November 8, 2010, with visuals, featuring a clandestine nuns' ordination in Thailand.


  • “Writing Ruth’s Autobiography,” presentation at the Memorial for Ruth Denison, at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, October 18, 2015.


  • “Discovering Kwan Yin,” presentation at Napa Valley Insight Meditation, October 13, 2015.

Teaching Travels


  • On December 9, 2009, Sandy was honored for her work on Women and Buddhism at the opening of the new Kwan Yin Temple in Bangkok. Called “Avalokitesvara’s Great Compassion Stupa of 10,000 Buddhas,” the temple contains the largest collection of Buddhist art in the world. See Sandy’s article, with photos, about her connection with the “Great Master” of the temple and what she learned in two weeks in a busy big-city Asian religious environment.


  • “From Our History to Our Future,” talk given at the Buddhist Women’s Conference in Chicago, winter 2007.


  • Sandy went to Mongolia to the Sakyadhita (International Association of Buddhist Women) Conference in early July 2008, where she presented a paper and led a workshop. The experience held many surprises--including a "living emanation of Tara" and participation in a women's tantric ceremony. Read her account and see photos.


  • “Daughters of the Buddha Rising Up” in Turning Wheel, Summer 2007. Commentary on issues raised at the International Conference on Buddhist Women, 2006. [link to Turning Wheel website] See also Sandy’s photos from this event.


  • “A Footprint on the Shore” In 1995, Sandy Boucher went on a pilgrimage to the sacred home of Kwan Yin: Putuo Island in the South China Sea.